Sometimes people like to duplicate our products, so here are few Checks to identify the authentic sunline products.

Check # 1: Always Buy Sunline Products from the respective Authorized Distributors of your country. To know your Dealer click HERE

Check # 2: Look for ‘ALASKA’ printed on our Sunline Alaska Capsules. 

Warning # 1: The following company have been reported to us for selling fake products through distributor named ” Rushabh Exports ” selling by the brand name ‘MuscleKart’. We alert our consumers and partners to stay away from them. 

Warning # 2: There are many counterfiet products being sold in the market by our brand name which we do not manufacture. to checkout our complete product list click here.

Warning # 3: The image listed below shows duplicate products being sold in INDIA with our brand name by unauthorized sellers. We cannot guarantee the AUTHENTICITY of purchased products from these or any other unauthorized companies.

Unauthorized Sellers: 

  • Musclekart 
  • Rushabh Exports

 If you need to report a retailer who is promoting un-authentic products or want to verify the validity of your purchase, feel free to Contact Us.